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About us

We are a small family run business devoted to creating the perfect flower
paste, fondant and cake lace.  We have worked with many professionals in the
industry and spent many years creating and perfecting these products.
The first product we made was our flower paste back in 2012 and our other
products followed on from that. As a cake maker myself, I would always
choose high end flower pastes believing that these would bring me the best
results. It was so disappointing to discover that these actually dried out really
quickly and became difficult to work with; cracking whilst forming petals. My
aim was to create a product that was a pleasure to work with and that didn’t
dry out too quickly. After many months of work I was able to come up with a
recipe I loved and I sold the surplus on E-bay. At this point I had no intention
of creating a business from this! Having sold out of the surplus I began to
receive messages asking for more paste with comments that this was the best
paste they had ever used. This was the beginning of the Simply Heaven Paste

Our Flower paste was designed to remain pliable whilst working with it. It is
super flexible yet holds it’s form well with a longer working time than other
pastes. It can be rolled ultra-thin, more so than other branded pastes, giving
extremely life-like petals. It doesn’t dry out too much when left on the work
bench for a little while and can easily be kneaded back into a pliable paste.  It
does take a little longer to dry solid than other high-end pastes however the
results are more beautiful and realistic.
Our Fondant paste is gluten free and perfect for covering cakes. It has a lot of
stretch and doesn’t develop elephant skin. We have the largest selection of
colours to boot.

Our Cake Lace remains flexible for weeks as long as it is kept sealed and
airtight, and we have a wide variety of styles to choose from.  We have spent
years creating the perfect flexible paste, which we also sell in powder or paste

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we are 100% confident
in our products. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to
get in touch. We have a full refund policy in place for your convenience
We would love you to give our products a try and we can work together to
make perfect cakes for those beautiful occasions.

Feel free to contact myself (Michael Wilding) either by email or have a chat on
the phone (07577457516).